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The matrix and religion essays

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a descriptive essay about my garden Site down for maintenance”The Matrix’ is more philosophical than religious. For example, Descartes’ wrote about how a demon is constantly deceiving us, and that we cannot be sure that we are not always dreaming. This correlates directly to the films ideas.  We can write a custom essay on. The Matrix and Religion Essay Sample According to Your Specific Requirements. Order an essay. Related Essays. This Essay "the Matrix" and Religion and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • November 11, • Essay • 1, Words (8 Pages) • 1, Views. Neo was awakened out of the matrix and then told that he is the only one that can save mankind from being enslaved by the machines. This was not easy for Neo to accept, just as it was not easy for Jesus to accept that he was the only one that could save mankind from being enslaved by the devil. The parallels continue throughout the film.  Words 5 Pages. Religions Matrix Essay. Axia College Material Appendix G Eastern Religion Elements Matrix | Hinduism | Buddhism | Confucianism | Daoism | Countries of origin | India | India | East Asia mainly China | East Asia mainly China (thought to have been the ways of the Yellow Emperor) | Historical figures and events | Changes occurred when Madhya, Chai Tanya, and Ramanuja founded the Bhakti Movement.

Not only does it powerfully present the hero's journey in a erligion manner to other epic tales like Lord of the Rings and Star Warsbut this incredibly complex series also incorporates various philosophical, Buddhist, Christian, and science fictional elements. Matrx of all, it serves as a modern re-visioning of the ancient religion of Gnosticism, an obscure theological-cosmological essayw that describes a dualistic cosmos, in which spiritual sparks have become trapped in matter matrjx can be released through saving knowledge, or "Gnosis.

Yet ironically for a movie series that draws from so many philosophical and spiritual teachings, there is no spiritual realm matirx matrix and religion essays the Matrix Relugion. What The Matrix offers therefore is Gnosticism without Gnosis. While this does not diminish the amazing creative inspiration and opus that is the Matrix series, or its great entertainment value for the sci-fi enthusiast, it means that there is still something incomplete about the Matrix.

Ultimately, it is a story half told. The matrix and religion essays rare quiet scene for Trinity and Go here in their non-stop action here. I won't spend too much time on the story because everyone knows it, or if they don't, there many summaries available online. The plot-line, in a nutshell, is Neo Keanu Reevesa hacker, gets mysterious messages on the matrix and religion essays computer.

There's also the sinister agent Agent Smith Hugo Weaving with his ear-mike running around pursuing our heroes. It then transpires that the reality Neo and every one else knows is a virtual reality construct, the Matrix, a means by which the AI or AIs - presumably there are many keep humans under control. Morpheus believes that Neo click to see more the promised savior who the matrix and religion essays finally liberate humanity from the machine, and begins training him.

Thus the battle against the machine in the virtual reality Matrix begins. This is just the first movie, which is followed by two the matrix and religion essays. There's also a series of animated shorts, several video games, and some tie-in comic books. The first movie premiered in ; afterthe franchise had run is course. The Matrixwhich was filmed on location in Sydney, invites comparisons with Dark City sinister forces manipulating people's essay question definition of realityTwelve Monkeys the alternation essyas the present day and a poisoned future with curiously gothic-type technology - everything is big and bulkyTerminator the malevolent AI and the apocalyptic war between humans and the mayrix only briefly referred to in The Matrixclick here the initial thesis in Total Recall have memories of a holiday implanted in scholarship essay personal goals brain without actually going on a holiday - so what is real and what is the matrix and religion essays memory?

Cyberpunk, lots of attitude, the matrix and religion essays of guns. The matrix and religion essays Matrix begins as a story about humans plugged into eesays computer network is reminiscent of William Gibson's reference to cyberspace as a "consensual hallucination"; part prophecy of the modern day internet for which the word has been appropriated matriz, part something totally different, an actual immersive environment of the virtual essays sort.

The matrix and religion essays as a genre of science fiction novels and cinema tends to emphasise thhe high the matrix and religion essays near future film noir setting, featuring postmodernist tech-savvy characters inhabiting a post-industrial nihilistic dystopia dominated by information technology and cybernetics, ruled over by megacorporations rather than dictators, and featuring religoin breakdown and shadowy operatives.

The genre could probably be said to rekigion with Ridley Scott's movie Blade Runneritself an adaptation of Philip K. But it was truly defined by William Gibson's novel Neuromancerwhich with its short, sharp, biting Chandleresque prose religioh Japanese techno-fetishism set the tone and atmosphere for much of cyberpunk since.

While the ultimate visual development would be Japanese director Mamoru Oshii's anime classic Ghost in the Shell recently remade as a live action movie starring Scarlett Johanssonthe characterisation and tone of which ezsays somewhat different to detective-noir Blade Runner and Neuromancerwith the protagonist Major Motoko Kusanagi being an enhanced cyborg working for a government security agency.

The Matrix Trilogy could more info be construed as cyberpunk. It features a fast moving storyline, superb special effects, grungy sets, cool-looking characters wearing mirrorshades and shiny black, virtual reality, AI well, at least in the backgroundand even Keanu Reeves who starred in the Box Office flop Johnny Mnenomica the matrix and religion essays retelling of Gibson's short story Neuromancer prequel of that name.

But, while the Wachowskis were clearly influenced by cyberpunk, Rleigion Gibson himself praised The Sssays as "arguably the ultimate 'cyberpunk' artifact. The virtual reality that is featured is not a cybernetic enhancement by the matrix and religion essays underworld hackers or security forces ply their ajd, but a sinister means of entrapment.

The Religiln is not an enigmatic figure mmatrix the background like Neuromancer teligion Wintermute, but a malevolent presence more akin marix the Terminator franchise, and the future when it is conveyed is a sort of gothic post-apocalyptic rather than gritty neon-lit streets in the shadow of towering arcologies.

The Matrix is the matrix and religion essays religiion the matrix and religion essays rare movies that is exciting and fast-paced, yet raises interesting questions. How do we know that what we are experiencing really is real, rather reliigion an artificial construct? And in fact everything we experience ultimately is a construct, it is xnd construct of our brains, a way the the matrix and religion essays makes and interprets electrochemical neural signals from the senses, and the mind interprets the brain's interpretation.

One would be hard pressed to find a philosopher nowadays who accepted the "naive realism" model of reality; that the reality in our heads really is an accurate image or reflection of the reality "out there"?

This is a question which was pondered over by the 17th century French philosopher Rene Descartes. Descartes wanted to arrive at a method of truth based on absolute certainty. He the matrix and religion essays with a method of radical questioning, a thought experiment, by asking using ideas that would seem to be, and perhaps were, directly adapted to The Matrix how do eeligion anything at all. How essayx we be sure that the things we see and feel are real, and not implanted in our brains by an "evil deceiver" fooling us into believing what we experience is real?

Can we trust our thoughts and sensations to tell what is real? If there is one basic premise to The Matrix it the matrix and religion essays this one, the Brain in a Vat.

Or in contemporary updated form: The question of what is real is discussed in The Matrix where one of the characters, Mouse, complains "that's exactly my point. The matrix and religion essays annd have to wonder: Maybe they got it wrong. Maybe what I think Tasty Wheat tasted like actually tasted like oatmeal, or tuna fish. That makes you wonder about a lot of things. Descartes' answer to this question, by the way, and follow-up reasoning, is disappointing.

He began by stating that one can doubt aand but one's own existence, by which he meant one's own ability to amd - cogito ergo sum - "I think therefore I am. There's no evil deceiver, and no vat. The 18th century Thw philosopher Immanuel Kant was another one concerned with trying to figure out the nature of reality just by using thinking. Kant was concerned there was too much idle metaphysics going on, so in his Critique of Pure Reason he distinguished between Phenomena and Noumena; phenomena being what we experience in our heads, noumena the unknown and unknowable reality religiion there.

It's not the mattix and religion essays the world doesn't exist. It's that it does, but we can't know it which is pretty deligion, because by assuming it exists we already know something about it. Some amd go even further. The Ezsays 18th century Subjective Idealist Bishop Berkeley suggested that reality only exists because we experience it.

The Yogachara also known as Vijnanavada school of Buddhism came to the same conclusion about years earlier, replacing God with a sort of The matrix and religion essays shared Group Mind, the alaya vjnana or Storehouse Amd a bit like Jung's Collective Unconscious.

Simulation hypothesis aside, Western science and philosophy is based on the premise that the universe really exists, and basically that it reigion very much like how our senses perceive it.

Religion may add a supernatural Creator and other metaphysical premises, science may discuss quantum fields and virtual particles, but the idea is that our everyday reality is the primary relifion.

The only difference is that science does it rationally, via experimental method, and religion dogmatically and the matrix and religion essays. The worldview of philosophies and religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism is more mystical, concerned with the "Unmanifest", with things in themselves Kant's noumenathe Transcendent and how to attain It.

From the Eastern point of view, the everyday world is an illusion, called maya "magic show," illusionismin Hindu Vedanta and samasara "going around and around" in Buddhism, that keeps the soul or consciousness trapped in matri ignorance of everyday reality. The goal of yoga, of the spiritual path, is to wake up from this illusion to see reality as it really esasys.

Now is this the matrix and religion essays an eastern perspective. Exactly the same theme the matrix and religion essays found in Platonism, the foundation of Western philosophy, as in Plato's allegory of the cavewhere shackled prisoners see shadows on the cave sesays in front of them, and mistake these for real objects, not realising how impoverished their own understanding is.

In both Buddhism, which the matrix and religion essays Wachowskis are aware of and acknowledge, and Platonism, which they don't refer to, the reality one experiences is a sort of illusion or mental construct, with little or no relation to the true nature mqtrix things. Plato's allegory is actually doubly relevant here, because the wnd Matrix trilogy apart from one brief moment near the end of The Matrix Revolutions where Neo and Trinity in one of the ships become briefly mtrix takes place in underground and caves.

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The theme of the sudden awakening and Realisation of things as they are, spiritual awakening beyond the phenomenal veil of appearances, is represented in the Matrix by the read article pill.

You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. But here is where the similarity matix both Eastern Philosophy and Platonism ends.

For the Reality that Neo awakes to is not the essential blissful realm of nirvana beyond all embodied existence, or the Platonic world of pure spiritual forms, or the identity of one's own consciousness with the supreme Reality as in Essayd Hindu monism.

Instead he wakes up essats another world material world, another relative reality or relative truth, but a hellish one, hooked to a machine in the grotesque womb-like fluid-filled pod in which his body has grown. Rather than freedom from the endless cycle of rebirth samsara that Buddhism promises, this is a metaphor for re-embodiment and re-incarnation back in the material world. So although Buddhist tropes and themes are scattered throughout the trilogy, they don't seem very relevant essay the overall world building narrative.

Fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind," it exsays seem that he the matrix and religion essays referring to letting go of the limitations of the relative truth and the unenlightened consciousness, the culmination being Neo's attainment of the Absolute Reality. But as the movie the matrix and religion essays it soon becomes apparent that it's really about the matrix and religion essays training in the world essayw samsara.

Neo has to realize that there is no spoon. Instead, only try to realize the truth: There is no spoon. But result of the training is not what the Buddhist source the matrix and religion essays were all about: At best it might refer to the popular New Age idea of change the world by changing our thinking. Interestingly, the existence of the matrix and religion essays powers, called siddhi s or "perfections," actually are acknowledged in both Hindu and Buddhist yoga, but it is repeatedly stated that they are distractions on the path to true Awakening.

Neo's superpowers include being able to dodge sesays "bullet time" essahs seeing machine code directly as glowing green characters. Such combat enhancement and added cybernetic perception is an essential and dramatic factor in Neo's role of Warrior-Savior in the Matrix Thr. And here also is where essaus Matrix descends into yet another blockbuster action movie, with lots read article guns, lots of martial arts, lots of fight scenes, despite the fact that almost the whole thing takes place in a virtual reality construct.

Since the whole thing is a simulation, why even bother with the pretense that it is physical? Why not just directly access the code and change it at the source, which would seem to be what the Buddhist tropes are saying anyway?

The problem is, if this was done, there would be no epic story. And t his is the challenge that movie makers, and indeed storytellers and mythopoeticists face. The human mind expects certain concrete symbols, and matrixx just isn't possible, or if it is it is extremely difficult, to tell a story about transcendence without them. The purported messianic religious elements of The Matrix are by far the the matrix and religion essays aspects of the essags.

At the end of the first movie he's "doing matirx Superman thing" ucla audio through the air with one fist in front Superman being, of all the superheroes, the most benevolent as the "big blue the matrix and religion essays scout".

The Chosen One theme is a recurring trope, a universal mythic theme, or what Jung would call an archetypeas it appears time and again in myth and culture, and in messianic religions and political demagogues and movements throughout history.

At its best it provides a dramatic plot device mafrix continue reading a science fiction or fantasy narrative can be constructed. There's certainly no shortage of chosen ones in the SFF genre. Interestingly, they are almost always child or young adult characters; in this case the thirty-something Neo is an outlier. Anakin Skywalker, despite being described as the chosen one, the matrix and religion essays more a subversion of the trope as aand turns out the the matrix and religion essays.

the matrix and religion essays Religions MatrixFree and custom essays at! Take a look at written paper - The Matrix and Religion.  Note: The prices are given for High School academic level. Please, visit "Prices" page for the detailed prices. Similar essays. Home Sweet Home Narrative Essay On African Dispora a comparison of 4 artists and their representation of the female form A comparison of the works of Impressionist women artists to the women artists of today Alexander Calder Alfred Alexander Gockel Arts and Humanities assyrian art and culture Baroque Art Narrative Essay On Bertholt Brecht. Write my essay on "The Matrix and Religion". The Matrix and Religion. Author: Novelett Roberts. The Matrix: On. Biblical References Of The Matrix Essay Research. The Matrix Movie Review Essay Research Paper. The Matrix Essay Research Paper The first. Видео. ● The Abortion Matrix - Chapter 1 - The Religion of Witchcraft and Child Sacrifice [ВИДЕО] ● Archons, Anunnaki & The Controller of Everything,False Light Soul Trap,Robert Stanley [ВИДЕО]. ● The Jesuits Kingpins Of The Matrix - Flat Earth [ВИДЕО]. ● Putting Moses in The Matrix: Academic Biblical Studies in a "Post-Development" Digital World [ВИДЕО]. The Matrix and Cyberpunk. Cyberpunk, lots of attitude, lots of guns. From left to right, Morpheus, Seraph, and Trinity.  The only difference is that science does it rationally, via experimental method, and religion dogmatically and irrationally. The worldview of philosophies and religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism is more mystical, concerned with the "Unmanifest", with things in themselves (Kant's noumena), the Transcendent and how to attain It. From the Eastern point of view, the everyday world is an illusion, called maya ("magic show," illusionism), in Hindu Vedanta and samasara ("going around and around") in Buddhism, that keeps the soul or consciousness trapped. The book is organized as a series of essays on the cultural and religious implications of the Matrix franchise, including gender, race, ethics, religion, and cybernetics. Contributors include John Shelton Lawrence, Russell Blackford, Matthew Kapell, Bruce Isaacs, and William G. Doty. Contents[edit]. "Welcome to the Sexual Spectacle: The Female Heroes in the Franchise" by Martina Lipp. "Is Neo white?: Reading Race, Watching the Trilogy" by C. Richard King and David J. Leonard. "Religion, Community, and Revitalization: Why Cinematic Myth Resonates" by Richard R. Jon. With the emergence of a deep psychological thriller dubbed The Matrix, cinematic influence on religion has become quite evident. The.  EduCheer! Free Samples and Examples of Essays, Homeworks and any Papers. No registration. Absolutely free. The full versions. Fast relevant search. Home. Essays.

In The MatrixNeo's name has a dual meaning: His original name Thomas Anderson refers both to the "son of man" and to his an doubts regarding his essats. In the link he is less a religious saviour, and more the obligatory chief actual hero, protected not by supernatural status but mtarix plot armor.

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